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Tagline College Basketball Tournament: Sweet Sixteen

Week Two of the College Basketball Tournament is upon us! Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen, where 16 schools will face off for a chance to move one step closer to a National Championship. All four One-Seeds are still intact, but will that be the case by the end of the day? What about our Cinderellas – Liberty, East Tennessee State, Utah State, and Cincinnati – all double-digit seeds that have advanced thus far? What schools will go on and what schools will be going home – let’s find out!

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Tagline College Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 – East/South

Day Two of the Round of 32 Kicks Off with the East Region and the South Region. We have a couple potential Cinderella stories that could be written if 10-seed Utah State can get past 2-seed Florida State in the East Region or if either 11-seed Cincinnati or 10-seed USC win in the South Region. Other games of note today are the rematch of Dayton and Colorado (who handed the Flyers one of their only losses), the Battle of Pennsylvania – Penn State v Villanova, and an in-state matchup of Ohio State and Akron.

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: Round of 32 – Midwest/West

Upsets were the name of the game on Tuesday in the Midwest Region, with five higher ranked seeds going down, including 2 Kentucky, 4 Wisconsin, and 5 Auburn. But moving on was the top-seeded Kansas, coasting by Siena. The West Region was a lot more formful, with all of the 4 top seeds in that region advancing. But now it is the Round of 32, a round where teams can start to make a name for themselves as they make their way into the Sweet Sixteen! Let’s see what schools will still be around for the second week of action.

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: Round of 64 – South

We’ve seen some exciting action these past few days and we still have a few games left before moving on to the next round. The South Region is our final set in the Round of 64, featuring former first overall seed Baylor, last year’s champion Virginia, pre-season favorite Michigan State, upstart Creighton, and Rutgers – making their first trip to the Big Dance since 1991. Let’s see who will make it through to the Round of 32, set for play on Friday.

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: Round of 64 – East

Day Two of the Round of 64 takes us to the East Region, where the Dayton Flyers command attention. But to escape, the Flyers will need to get past always tough Butler, the upset minded Buffaloes of Colorado, the Big Ten top dog (turtle) Maryland, perennial contender Villanova, and the ACC Champion and Final Four contender Florida State. This is easily one of the toughest regions, with whatever school comes out on top being very battle tested.

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: Round of 64 – West

Lots of upsets opened up the tournament in the Midwest Region earlier today. Will we see the same with the West Region that kicks off now. Gonzaga and San Diego State are the featured teams in this bracket, but don’t forget about Seton Hall, a highly touted pick to make it to the Elite Eight, and Oregon. This is not a draw to be taken lightly and any school that comes unprepared will not stand a chance.

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: Round of 64 – Midwest

After an exciting First Four in Dayton, we move on to our first day of Round of 64 action, starting with the Midwest region, headlined by the overall-number one seed, the Kansas Jayhawks. In a year where it has been a curse to be the first team in the AP Poll, Kansas has held its own since claiming the top spot from Baylor. The Big 12 champ gets a decently easy draw, although no draw with Duke and Kentucky will be safe. Also in this quarter are potentially up-setters Liberty and East Tennessee State, both hoping for a deep run. Let’s see who will advance to the Round of 32!

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Tournament: First Four

Time to head off to Dayton! The first four is among us, featuring schools fighting for a chance to make it into the Round of 64. Of the schools featured, perhaps the most interesting ones are Texas, North Carolina State, and UCLA, with the latter two going against each other. UCLA gained a lot of traction down the stretch and became one of the favorites to make a deep, Cinderella-like run. Let’s see who will advance to the Round of 64, beginning tomorrow?

(NOTE: Was going to include Play-By-Play but the archive on What If Sports expired by the time of posting… sadness but will try and remedy this for the Elite Eight onward)

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Tagline Sports College Basketball Championship Bracket

In light of the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA Basketball Championship tournament, Tagline Sports will be hosting one to help us all still feel the excitement of March Madness, experience the Cinderella stories, and see what team may have been the winner.

I will be using to simulate the matchups according to the most recent Bracketology presented by Joe Lunardi. This will last a total of two weeks, going from the First Four to the Final Four & National Championship. While this won’t be a replacement of the tournament, hopefully this can help ease some of the pain that there is with losing the tournament we all love.

The schedule is as follows:

  • March 16th: First Four
  • March 17th: First Round (Midwest/West)
  • March 18th: First Round (East/South)
  • March 19th: Second Round (Midwest/West)
  • March 20th: Second Round (East/South)
  • March 23rd: Sweet Sixteen
  • March 24th: Elite Eight
  • March 25th: Final Four
  • March 26th: National Championship

In preparation for this simulation tournament feel free to fill out the bracket below. Post it in the comments below and let’s see who you would’ve had winning the tournament.

Results of the tournament will be posted on here and on social media (@mjtags11) each day. They will also come with play-by-play analysis so you can relieve the action as it unfolds. I hope that you enjoy this.

Tagline FBS Top 25 2019 Week 2

Week Two has come to a close – Here is the Updated Tagline Top 25.

Note, the first few weeks will see teams fluctuate heavily – by Week 5, the algorithm part of this is balanced out.

Rank Team Record Points Prev. Rank
1 Alabama 1993 1
2 Clemson 1903 2
3 Wisconsin 1865 5
4 Ohio State 1810 6
5 Georgia 1804 3
6 Oregon 1780 14
7 LSU 1764 4
8 Auburn 1676 8
9 Maryland 1671 30
10 Notre Dame 1649 11
11 Washington State 1643 18
12 Penn State 1641 7
13 Texas A&M 1639 16
14 UCF 1619 17
15 Oklahoma 1598 10
16 Michigan State 1587 20
17 Utah 1565 13
18 Florida 1562 9
19 Iowa 1550 25
20 USC 1532 28
21 Michigan 1515 12
22 Texas 1504 19
23 Mississippi State 1481 23
24 Baylor 1476 60
25 North Carolina State 1464 45

Others on the Bubble: Miami (FL), Kansas State, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri, Boise State, North Carolina

Dropped from Rankings: Miami (FL), Boise State, Stanford, Virginia