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Tagline Sports FBS Top 25 Preseason 2019

Just as quick as the sun set on Santa Clara for the Alabama Crimson Tide, the sun rises on another College Football Season, with defending champion Clemson looking to to once again show why they deserve to be on top.  But with an ever changing landscape, college football never has a dull moment.  Perhaps the biggest change will come near the top, with Ohio State needing to fill the holes left by Urban Meyer and Dwayne Haskins; will Ryan Day and Justin Fields be the answer in Columbus?  Meanwhile, in Norman, the Sooners will once again have a transfer quarterback at the helm, with Jalen Hurts swapping one crimson jersey for another.  Can Lincoln Riley make another star in the center of the country as he did with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray?  As for their rivals one state south, Texas put a statement finish on their season with a win over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl – now its Sam Ehlinger’s time to put up and push the Longhorns forward.

With the 2019 season among us, Tagline Sports will be having its own Top 25 Rankings every week of the season, starting this week and the Preseason Rankings.  These rankings look at the full body of work, statistical advantages, hot streaks, and overall level of play when assigning points to all 130 teams.  Every Tuesday of the season, a new ranking will be released.  With that, here are the first set of rankings for the 2019 season:


Rank Team Record Points Prev. Rank
1 Clemson 0-0 1931
2 Alabama 0-0 1886
3 Georgia 0-0 1799
4 Michigan 0-0 1735
5 Ohio State 0-0 1723
6 Notre Dame 0-0 1656
7 LSU 0-0 1634
8 Florida 0-0 1633
9 Auburn 0-0 1626
10 Oklahoma 0-0 1612
11 Texas A&M 0-0 1587
12 Washington 0-0 1577
13 Penn State 0-0 1576
14 Mississippi State 0-0 1571
15 Michigan State 0-0 1527
16 Iowa 0-0 1526
17 Oregon 0-0 1524
18 Utah 0-0 1522
19 Wisconsin 0-0 1517
20 Texas 0-0 1495
21 Missouri 0-0 1475
22 Washington State 0-0 1472
23 UCF 0-0 1466
24 Miami (FL) 0-0 1459
25 Stanford 0-0 1454

Stay tuned for my College Football Season Preview & Predictions, out this Wednesday!

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